New EP signed to UK's finest 'New Violence Records'

Excited to announce that we have signed an EP to UK based 'New Violence Records' that features two of our latest tracks backed with a peak-time-remix by Dorian Craft. 


In stores January 22nd! Buy here



1) Daybreak

2) Daybreak (Dorian Craft Remix)

3) Bound Up


"The irrepressible Piemont duo roll out another of their essential EPs here. This one comes on New Violence Records and features two of their slick tech cuts with a remix form Dorian Craft. 


Daybreak kicks off with a loose, deep number that rolls into outer space with nice synths bringing colour and soul. Sweeping filters and some freaky vocal sounds add details and make it a richly atmospheric cut.


The remix from Dorian Craft is more dramatic, with arpeggiated synths riding up and down the scale and edgy chords backing them up. Then comes Bound Up, a bubbling peak time cut with rich and rubbery bass, slamming kicks, lively chord stabs that will twist and turn dancers as they punch the air. 


Once again then this is an on point offering of modern tech house."